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I was really impressed as I thought anything in a non-fiction book HAD to be true.

James Brown was a fuckin' boss. Wow, how arrogant didn't think that off him, he looks funky, but not arrogant. Guido karp the nudes. Let's examine Giorgio's career. What part of "the tape doesn't exist" do the two of you fail to understand? All the other stones were well shaped but alot rougher than the stones that you could actually see. Giorgio tsoukalos naked. And then John Mayer fucking took it. Therefore, I speak from experience when I say that he is not to be trusted nor believed. You come across as a lazy researcher with preconceived notions.

There is a lot of places online too that can help. What's your most hilarious confrontation with a celebrity? There is evidence that many great civilisations arose and fell in the past. Can anyone explain this? I figure you didn't mean moving and lifting whole pyramids en bloc that's the stuff that happens only in 'Star Gate' but the individual stones. Free hot nude sex. Just laughed and apologized for his arrival causing any trouble.

It has nothing to do with YOU and yet you feel the need to slander me personally. My friend and I were none too pleased about this though, because we had been planning a party for all the diplomats' children which we had to cancel in lieu of the PM's visit.

Wild guessing like tsoukalos has produced nothing useful whatsoever. Its not true until it can be proven. BTW did you get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. N i realy feel that there is something to it. More from other memes Imagination by teh Wild Kratts r cool. Van Daniken would be his "mentor" - if these clowns were actual scholars. English is purely a Germanic language. However, if there were 3 of you He was born in Greece, raised and educated in Switzerland, then onto America, I believe, to further his education.

Wild conjecture will get viewers, which in turn attracts advertisement; but in the end this show will not prove any of the BS Tsoukalos shoveling at us. Jason I commend u for your effort, but is it even necessary to have a conversation with a puttz like georgio to expose him as a snakeoil salesman??? Me and my friend called out "Hey! Logic does not apply to these so called experts.

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There is no evidence to credit Colavito.

When I was about 10 years old, my family went on a trip to Chicago. I found this off a Google search for "George Tsoukalos hair. Big tits xxx free movies. Rant somewhere else about President Barack Obama. Already you seem more intelligent than this Jason person.

No, it had to be aliens. He'll break as many windows he finds necessary to back up his point. I can't watch the channel anymore if its not this its pawn stars its american pickers for hours on end. Your theories are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods are sloppy, and your conclusions are highly questionable! You seem to regard science as some kind of dodge I found myself getting "caught up" in the whole "Ancient Alien" thing and was reminded of what a college professor taught me in a Critical Thinking" class: Many people, such as myself, dispute this theory.

Thank you for answering our question as to whether Tsoukalos actually believes in this craziness. Perhaps because you don't have a popular tv show hmmm?

Those longated skulls were seen in Egyptian pornography and sculpting. Giorgio tsoukalos naked. I have learned more from my life experiences than from college. Naked from back. Be careful though its guarded by an ogre riding a unicorn. I'm so glad you're able and willing to stick to your morals on honesty. And to embellish the child in me, I must say how "convenient" that it is the "one and only tape" that would prove his claim s was "destroyed. He came over and started shooting hoops with me, and we played a little pick up game, which he let me win.

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Next Post Next New Product uncovers nightmarish realities. Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens came to my school University of New Hampshire to showcase his expertise on a made up subject. Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban without a prior warning. Went to the premiere of Man with the Screaming Brain and chatted with him for a bit. Fat sex tits. Keep your mind open.

The only thing missing is a dozen or so LIKE buttons? Thats not going to fly with people who have brains. Views Article Discussion Edit History. However, you may change your mind as you continue your education. So far there's nothing that says "no its absolutely not some dude in a suit messing around" Les Stroud however??

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