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There are numerous references that Demi Moore appeared in Oui magazine. Milf long movies. I don't know if there are many other articles that use cited refs within footnotes, but it does happen e.

As to the Joss Ackland insult, I agree that they did not star in the movie Flawless that the page is linked to; however, they do star in a movie of the same name Flawless Your email address will not be published.

Comments are requested on how best to balance Demi Moore's recent Twitter statements that "Demi" is her birth name in light of two decades' reporting in WP: I see that Demi Moore is in a Category: Is it time to close this? Are we using the Stephen Rebello interview as a source? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The People article says: Woman was a work of art naked.

An interview with Demi is paraphrased where she has told the Demetria cosmetics story. Demi moore nude oui. She never refuted this information, and indeed repeated it in other interviews.

At this stage I would support any footnote even if it included the weasel term "some" as long as we add it to the article. I proposes that we add an explanatory footnote per WP: Ken Arromdee talk Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Demi stated on twitter "Demetria is a beautiful name. Lauren Hubbard in a Yellow Bikini! For simplicity's sake, I've just used one version of the sentences that we've narrowed it down to.

It's utterly insane that when a person tells us what their own name is, we should treat that on the same level as a secondary source. If we choose NYT to be the the two cites perhaps even if we don't then consider changing the cite for the name in the lead to the Boston Herald one. D va tits. Get access to over porn discounts with more added on a daily basis. I have quoted her bio and an article from Peep this free porn site.

Moore states this now also, which is given proper weight but does automatically undo decades of reporting any more than if she gave her age as Demi is quoted by many sources as saying her birth name was Demetria. Note in early interviews This, Mccalls she says her name comes from Demetria Cosmetics. Moore was born in RoswellNew Mexico.

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For simplicity's sake, I've just used one version of the sentences that we've narrowed it down to. Laura harring nude pictures. While funny, I've changed the wording around somewhat to make it flow a little better. OK, how about this, strip it down, even simpler: Mysore Mallige, Shut the hell up piece of shit. Demi moore nude oui. It's utterly insane that when a person tells us what their own name is, we should treat that on the same level as a secondary source.

In this case we have one source - an extremely small minority, questioning the meaning of her texts in relation to other sources. Why is there no mention in this article of her significant relationship with Emilio Estevez?

Ok, Wikipedia editors, let's not be silly about this, ok? I poked around ancestry.

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I saw this when ,it first came out. Collaboration is what it's all about! Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom" reality star. We are at 23, words and it has been 40 days since this was started. Unless a very good reference to the contrary can be provided we must stay with the definitive comment from Moore herself and continue to remove any entries of Demetria. As I understand as long as you only post minor portions of text for discussion purposes and not for republication its generally ok.

Ken Arromdee talk Endless arguments over the 'reliability' of sources are beside the point - all we are doing is drawing readers attention to the fact that there are differing sources, which is all that is required. Lori anne allison nude. I can tell everyone right now that Demi did not live in Perryopolis, PA for any extended time and certainly did not go to Frazier High School. After an RfC that began Dec.

Please clarify the dates of her first marriage. As to the second factoid, I hardly see why that is noteworthy. I came here to find out what happened. I don't see any info on Demi's birth record, but her marriage record to Bruce Willis says "Demi".

Moore's financial resources, why wouldn't you hire professionals? RS publications that her birth name is "Demetria. Were you a test tube baby?????? If it has not been noted by other sources then our own policies state that it should not be mentioned on Wikipedia. No pubic hairs in the mouth when giving the clit a good gobble. Bria vinaite nude. So once again, same name but two different movies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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That's not a matter of me agreeing with it or not; those are simply neutral facts: She made her way into small acting roles via modeling and then a television soap opera. Lesbian clit play. For instance in the case previously given of Nicki Minaj 's Age many sources including the likes of VH1 discussed the fact that she had been lying about her age - The view that she had been lying was held by the majority of sources.

It's not TVNZ staff, it's anonymous, it doesn't say where or when the quotes originated. Sexy selfie of Lourdes Leon. Demi moore nude oui. Old milf squirt Getting better with every year passing. This got added on 23rd of June but there is absolutely no reference to Scientology in the text. Altering my last comment I would probably consider moving Gene to the footnote as well as it mainly appears to exist in sources that use Demetria - One copy of her high school yearbook picture is a notable exception but that source is too unreliable to use without checking the actual yearbook.

But many celebrities claim things that are not true: If this is Demi Moore why is the name on the pictorial Vivianne Pollentier? As a child, she had a difficult and unstable home life.

See this revision for an attempted correction of the birthname, which puts Moore's revisionistic tweet where it belongs, in a footnote. Montana Fishburne Daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne.

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