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The Accidentally Perfect Double Feature. Lindsey shaw lesbian. This in a film with a murder a hit and run killing a rape drug dealing and brutal beatings and a gory final. Savage streets nude. After sitting in a bath tub topless and dragging on a cigarette while lost in deep thought, the spunky and resourceful Brenda decks herself out in a clingy skintight leather jumpsuit and breaks out both a crossbow and some bear traps with the specific intent of hunting down and killing the vile subhuman scum.

Also can't really say that Linda Blair impressed me. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. All the correct sensationally scuzzy elements are ripely abundant here: Though if you remember back from that era, there were quite alot of films that followed similar suite.

The rape scene is uncomfortable viewing but it's intercut with a silly fight between two girls in a shower which is just genius on director's Steinmann's part, it really is. The film is very unbalanced in that the "revenge" seems a half-hearted afterthought that is only included in order to justify the gratuitous graphic depiction of violence towards women.

With three persons getting stabbed chopped and burned to a crisp sprinkled throughout the movie until the very last scene when all the damage was already done and there was nothing left for the cops, who finally arrived, left to do to but to clean up the mess.

It's best seen in it's uncut form, as here in the UK twelve minutes were censored! In fact the band playing didn't even miss a beat in their song as if the beating of the two was part of their act. But when she turns on the vengeful bitch, before she absurdly abandons it again, uneven as all get outit is fantastic.

No, it really isn't the most convincing or solidly written movie within its genre but it at least has plenty of redeeming qualities in it still. As well as her giving Jake such a work over that even Jason Voorhees of "Friday the Thirteenth" fame wouldn't have survived it.

The movie soundtrack was never released on CD with the exception of a promo release. Smosh nude girls. But in the second half of the film, Brenda gets down to the serious revenge business, suiting up in a kick ass black jumpsuit and arming herself with a crossbow for her big revenge against the evil Scars. A brutal street gang, the Scars, is terrorizing the neighborhood, drug dealing, raping, and killing.

Blair plays a teenager who, along with her friends and younger, deaf sister Linnea Quigley, much more innocent than usualtrashes some punks' car after they mess with them on the street. However, it is amusing, lowest-of-all-levels trash, and I enjoyed Linda Blair's upfront, colorful performance as the vengeful big sister of a rape victim.

In Savage Streets, there's way too long a time when Blair and her buddies are sitting around moping about the crime, wondering who did it. Man, are these guys real nasty customers. Linnea Quigley lying naked on her b ack on the floor of a bathroom with her bare breasts in view. Directed by Daniel Steinman Friday the 13th Pt 5this film has some of the best and worst dialogue ever to grace the screen. Anthony Bannon bannonanthony 5 November Report this video as Inappropriate.

There was also the scene where Jake throws another high school girl and good friend of Brenda Francine, Lisa Freemen, off a high bridge to her death in broad daylight with cars zooming back and forth with nobody bothering to call the cops.

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I really don't think that the lovers of trashy and simplistic cinema would mind watching this movie. But she was great in the leading role as Brenda, the tough girl who decides to take revenge on the sadistic gang who rape her deaf-mute sister and murder her best friend who was just a few days away from her wedding.

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It comes in the form of the gang-abuse of a young mute Heather and her older sister Brenda starts hunting the gang in turn — armed with bear traps and crossbow. Happy birthday naked girl. Special Effects fucked up big time. When the second goon turns up with multiple bear traps attached to his corpse, I had to cheer. She has a brief topless scene fifty-three minutes into the movie, when she and Linda Blair get into a fight in a classroom.

Her lack of hesitation with the first bully she dispatches is great, especially when we are forced to listen to the schmuck rail about how he is going to rape her when he finds her. Linnea Quigley in an early role It certainly hit home, and wasn't pleasant to watch, but once Linda Blair goes on the warpath to revenge, it's all fun and games from there. The rape scene is extremely drawn out, very cruel, and perpetrated against a character that is portrayed as very sheltered, vulnerable, and disabled mute.

However, it is amusing, lowest-of-all-levels trash, and I enjoyed Linda Blair's upfront, colorful performance as the vengeful big sister of a rape victim.

They will take this movie for what it is and also enjoy it for that, though even they will see that that this is not a great movie in any way. Suzee Slater in Savage Streets. The infamous rape scene is a catalyst to the violence but it seems strange that they chose a girl who looked 15 years younger than the rest i. Sexy nude playmates. Savage streets nude. Savage Streets represents one of the more feminist offerings in the vigilante action genre. The final viewing of the film was a great way to spend some time.

Obviously, if you like 80's trash or sleazy revenge tales, this is a film for you. Linnea Quigley being held down on the floor of a bathroom as a guy strips her naked and another guy draws circles on her breasts with lipstick.

Now clearly the studio would not pay to shoot at an actual hospital, but figured no one would be able to tell in the interiors; leaving only one pesky establishing shot to deal with. I've seen it plenty of times, and I admit, I don't like it. The rape scene is uncomfortable viewing but it's intercut with a silly fight between two girls in a shower which is just genius on director's Steinmann's part, it really is. Brenda is disturbed beyond all consolation, but when her best friend Francine is then murdered by the same gang, Brenda decides to even the score with bloody tenacity.

I'm not Puritan by any stretch. With the now chubby actress reportedly hooked on drugs, and quality roles a thing of the past, Linda made the inevitable move into the world of exploitation cinema. I almost expected Linda Blair to start sporting leg warmers as part of the fashion theme. Big tits at work photos. This outrage happens at the school gym that lasted for what seemed like a hour. I don't regard myself fan of exploitation films. This is a rather late vengeance exploitation-flick, that is almost a good movie.

Lots of stuff and characters really weren't needed in this movie but they at least keep things going at all time. Savage Streets Unknown A number of unidentified girls seen naked in a group shower scene, about a dozen of them showing breasts, bush, and butt as they soap and wash themselves.

Linda Blair was at the height of her 80's trash exploitation fame when she starred in this delectably down and dirty grindhouse sleaze howler as Brenda, an over-aged high school "bad girl" senior who's the leader of the tough all-girl gang the Satins.

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TIT WORSHIP PORN Overall, for school gang violence try Class of , for classroom dancing try Fame, for revenge try Deathwish, for titillation just grab a porno. And of course the obligatory shower nude scene with cat fight. The climax is a fantastic — but sadly too short — piece of vigilante action that would even make Charles Bronson proud!
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Very hot girl fucked hard Perhaps you are involved in a bar fight, that you totally started, and your face gets a little scratched. It has everything a b-movie fan loves. Linda Blair is at her friskiest and sexy best as Brenda in the movie as she takes on all comers.
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